Sermon 11.10.19

Jesus's Mission / November 11, 2019

The Holy Week Observer Wowee, what a week it has been so far. This Jesus of Nazareth has provided me with the three most interesting days of my life. Oh pardon, I should probably introduce myself. My name is Levi and I am a merchant in Bethany. I have come up to Jerusalem to celebrate […]

Sermon 11.3.19

Witness / November 11, 2019

The tale of two Rich Men Zacchaeus is one of the more well known figures in the bible. It is a story practically hand made for a children’s bible. A man who stole from people but after Jesus interacts with him he repents of his wrong doing and faithfully gives to everyone that he wronged. […]

Sermon 10.27.19

Freedom / November 11, 2019

What must I do to be saved? Martin Luther was a man, born in 1483, and on Oct. 31, 1517 he posted the 95 Theses, 95 statements on the door of the castle church in Wittenberg, Germany. The primary tenants discussed in the statements included the selling of indulgences, the authority of the Pope, the […]

Sermon 10.20.19

Prayer / November 11, 2019

The Faith of the Widow   I mentioned to Mary after the Festival yesterday that it was time for me to go write my sermon. She told me to just wing it, so here we go…actually I did prepare a sermon, mostly because this parable comes practically wrapped with a bow as the first verse […]