Sermon 9.22.19

Stewardship / September 24, 2019

Should We All Be Robinhood?   Growing up, one of my favorite heroes was Robinhood. He was the one who fought the oppressive and selfish rich people and gave everything he took to the poorest and neediest. It seemed like a great narrative. I especially enjoyed the silly Disney cartoon version. The sly foxy Robinhood […]

Sermon 9.8.19

Discipleship / September 9, 2019

Hate is a Strong Word   I hate you dad! Words no father enjoys hearing, especially not from his 15 year old daughter. This was the first time he had heard it uttered from her lips. Time stood still as a wave of thoughts crashed into his mind. “What did I do to deserve that […]

Sermon 9.1.19

Humility / September 3, 2019

Eating Humble Pie Our gospel lesson for today, while all taking place at the same meal, really informs us and instructs us on three very different points. These 14 verses could easily be done as a 3 part series or perhaps as one really long sermon with 3 separate main points. As tempting as delivering […]